2010 turned out to be an especially energizing year for two sorts of cool tech devices – portable devices and 3-D ones. In the versatile contraptions class obviously, Apple had two sections – the maddeningly attractive iPad touchscreen tablet PC, and the more modest than at any other time new MacBook Air. In the 3-D office, each significant TV producer had another 3-D TV (or six). Visit :- แกดเจ็ตน่าสนใจ

Yet, Panasonic unquestionably wins in the 3-D class by delivering the emphatically enormous 65 inch TX-P65VT20B Viera 3-D TV. You get the full in-your-face impact of 3-D with a screen that tremendous, and Panasonic even remembers two sets of 3-D glasses for the case. No other TV offers the lucidity, the shading reaction, the sheer 3-D wizardry of this beast set. This one set alone would seal Panasonic’s standing in the 3-D office. Be that as it may, they needed to go out and make the world’s first full creation 3-D camcorder for the general population. Utilize a binocular-plan 3-D camera ( that by the way costs $20,000) out in the open, and you ought to just have all on eyes on you. Unquestionably, you do require a genuine consistent hand for the correct impact to hit you; obviously every new innovation needs new abilities, and simply the way that you can shoot 3-D on a handheld camcorder is an energizing possibility. 

And afterward we have our Apple iPad, that you need no prologue to – enormous strong state hard drive, marvelous multi-contact screen, it’s just been out for not exactly a year, and as of now 15 million individuals own one. The solitary issue with an iPad is that it is obviously not a PC substitution. Generally, it isn’t sufficiently amazing, and there is a ton to grumble in the way that it does not have an appropriate console. Pick the new MacBook Air with a 11.6 inch high res screen, an incredible illustrations processor, a multi-contact trackpad and a wide range of different stunts, and you start to contemplate whether you truly need an iPad all things considered. 

It’s hard to truly choose a champ from all the cool tech devices that came online in 2010. Surely, 3-D camera and an exceptionally appealing little tablet PC are cool tech devices; however there is something in particular about the Microsoft Kinect that simply is too new to even consider disregarding for the prize. At the point when the Nintendo Wii originally went ahead the market, the producers of the PlayStation and the Xbox couldn’t quit giggling at the manner in which the designs on the Wii were very crude. It was the point at which it started to surpass the PlayStation in deals that they sat up and paid heed. The Microsoft Kinect takes the Wii movement catch idea above and beyond. You don’t have to wear a regulator on your hand any longer. The Kinect maps the whole room you are in, and maps your entire body, and it knows precisely where you are and how you are. You presently don’t require a joystick, a console or anything to play Xbox. It’s down over for computer game development.