The solution isn’t any. If you took the entirety Donald Trump has right now away, he can have all of it lower back in 10 years.

The motive being, it is now not what he has it is valuable, it is who he’s. It is what he is aware of, and what he does that makes him a rich guy.

When you can awaken within the morning, and inform yourself, “I may want to if I desired to, make a short $20k proper now.” You have the self-coverage needed to in no way be negative.

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It comes from understanding how money works. It’s having that financial literacy that most people don’t have.

Rich people don’t gamble. They did not get to wherein they may be by success or danger. They were given to where they’re by way of aware decisions and actions.

That’s why I get disillusioned once I see younger clever human beings doing ridiculous things with their money, like gamble on sports, and visit Las Vegas.